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Molecular Hydrogen: Fad or Phenomenon?

“Hydrogen water” would possibly sound like one other overpriced wellness product backed by New Age pseudoscience, however the well being advantages of hydrogen have been well-documented.

Because the potential antioxidative qualities of molecular hydrogen (two bonded hydrogen molecules, or H2) have been found in 2007, scientists have begun to discover its advantages—and there are various.

An Antioxidant Celebrity

One 2017 assessment by the Taishan Medical College (TMU) in China highlighted molecular hydrogen’s most promising utility as a strong antioxidant. H2 particularly targets and destroys the worst oxidants within the physique that trigger cell injury, protein inactivation, and DNA fragmentation. Molecular hydrogen’s antioxidant properties scale back irritation, gradual cell loss of life, and encourage gene expression.

A Miracle Remedy-All?

The identical TMU assessment discovered that H2 handled liver illness and metabolic syndrome and even confirmed promise in stopping and treating most cancers.

Efficiency Powerhouse

One other research by researchers within the U.S., Slovakia, and Japan discovered that consuming hydrogen-rich water improved respiratory price and coronary heart price throughout cardio train, whereas one other discovered that it diminished muscle acidosis, which is among the important causes of muscle fatigue throughout train.

SSE Pre-WorkoutCourtesy of Performix

First of Its Form

Gasoline your subsequent exercise with Performix SST Pre, the primary and solely molecular-hydrogen-charged pre-workout. Performix has confirmed the effectiveness of SST Pre by testing the product at its NYC–based mostly health club, Performix Home. In a singular trial, group health class individuals noticed a big enhance in share of max coronary heart price reached and total calorie burn on days they took SST Pre versus days they didn’t. To be taught extra about how Performix is testing merchandise at Performix Home, go to

Along with the inclusion of molecular hydrogen, SST Pre additionally boasts a clear, best-in-class pre-workout method that features citrulline malate, which has been proven to scale back muscle soreness and enhance train efficiency, and CarnoSyn beta-alanine, which improves efficiency and reduces fatigue.

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